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A little behind the scenes of “La La Land”

The steady cam operator Ari Robbins uploaded a series of clips of his work on La La Land to show the complexity of his work on this film. Check the next clips:

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The incredible Cinematography of Disney films

When you think about cinematography, you probably remember thousands of live-action shots, from all the Kubrick´s films to modern films like Interestellar or all of Lubeski´s work. But sometimes we forget that animation movies are very rich too, and Disney has been mastering the art of cinematography on animation for many years.

Jorge Luengo Ruiz, edited a stunning video showing some of the most amazing shots from Disney´s films to show us that the most astonishing shots sometimes come from 2D or 3D work too. Hope you enjoy the following video:

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2015 – A year of VFX in retrospective

This are the movies nominated for Best VFX at the Oscars 2015:

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