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Favorite films 2016

 This video is about the movies I loved the most this year. It represents the passion and love I have for this art and the great films we had the chance to enjoy this 2016. Although is personal opinion, I hope this make you go on and watch all the films that appear is this supercut.

If you think I miss and important one, yo ahead to the comments and feel free to make your own suggestion for best films of 2016.


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A little behind the scenes of “La La Land”

The steady cam operator Ari Robbins uploaded a series of clips of his work on La La Land to show the complexity of his work on this film. Check the next clips:

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This is the full list of nominations for the Oscars 2017

The nominations for the 89th Academy Awards are here and the big surprise is that La La Land is nominated on 14 categories.

This is the full list of nominees:

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