• I am a writer. I am a dreamer. I am a music man.
  • I am a forward thinker. I am a late adopter.
  • I am an obsessive. I am a compulsive.
  • I am an imperfect perfectionist.
  • I am a creative.

a creative

a poem

My father asked me to write him a poem for the holidays.
It being the end of year, I was feeling reflective and wrote this.

Season's Door

Should old acquaintance be remembered
Let new horizons be explored
May all fair grievance be surrendered
Upon season’s door

Should miracles be many
Let no hardship be endured
May all blessings be in plenty
Upon season’s door

For should new acquaintance be received
May old horizons be in accord
To let fair grievance be relieved
Upon season’s door

a product

Came up with this bright new product featuring a memorable name
and designed our prototype to literally pop off the shelf.

Cute Tips

a promotion

This initiative let consumers design a new soda can -
now that’s what you call pop art.

Cute Tips
Cute Tips

a brand

Wrote our tagline along with most of the creative elements
for a campaign that won this account at my first job.

Pier 1 Kids

a rap

Pitched this upbeat summer rap
to some kids signed on Young Money.

a campaign

This campaign illustrates how a simple obsession
can easily go to someone’s head.

a commercial

This clever idea is about as stupid as it gets.

a program

Recommended this idea to boost food sales with pairings
and called the program Delicious Duos.

a surprise

Here is an unbranded OOH campaign that led to a digital experience
which rewarded people with prizes while driving traffic into the store.

a website

This site targeting alpha males was hub to an interactive program
that let guys chew out their friends with insults via SMS.

a billboard

We were kind enough to do some
bad advertising for this client.

a psa

People with disabilities are often given a hard time —
here we see just how bad it can hurt.

a poster

Always liked this headline
promoting a video game tournament.

a posting

Here’s just a taste of some work done on social media
for a top national restaurant chain.

a party

Concepted and produced this experience that was
advertised as The Greatest Celebration On Earth.

a soundtrack

The original music score for this commercial was created by my team
in our downtown Dallas recording studio.

a video

Who says you can’t create compelling
online content on a small budget?

a trademark

Penned this spiritual anthem and later reserved the rights
to use its title line on all forms of apparel.

a dream

Sat down with an illustrator who sketched out this dream world
that was in my head — later brought to life in full color for a B2B client.

a spread

Wrote a campaign line and print series that actually positioned
this watchmaker’s lack of domestic brand recognition as an advantage.

a logo

Led a team of five art directors while developing this logo for the
leading human capital management firm in Latin America.

a name

Came up with the name for this product
that found itself on shelves across the country.

a display

Worked with a team of talented designers on the road
to creating this first-class national display.

a mailer

This dynamic B2B direct mail piece shows that you can literally
separate business from personal on the same phone.

a photo

This picture was taken with my phone while visiting London.
(Just checking to make sure you’re still reading.)

a shoot

Developed the strategy and then wrote a campaign line
that inspired these photos which I directed at our shoot.

a song

One last song for an encore.

a ulevitch

Adam Ulevitch is a thought-leading creative and strategist with nearly 20 years experience
helping to cultivate more than 100 brands across a diverse range of categories.

Strategic Thinking • Conceptual Writing • Creative Direction • Music Production